The Forges of Fortune

Third Session

Under construction

Second Session

Much planning was done. Explorers, chiefly the Rogue Trader, decided that a bit of revenge against an old enemy of his dynasty was in order.

To this end, they attempted astropathic contact with the rogue trader’s uncle. The first attempt resulted in the astropath driving everyone in the room (except himself) a tiny bit insane with sudden mad whispers of the warp that resulted from his telepathic misdial.

The rogue trader acquired a malignancy; an unfortunate tendency to picture morbid scenes of his enemies undergoing horrendous torture.

Second attempt worked out, and some time later the explorers were informed of the location of one of the enterprises of the dynastic enemy in question.

The explorers journeyed to the system in question, suffering only a minor mishap as a hallucinating arch militant torched his own quarters.

Upon arrival in the system, the explorers set to locating what their enemy’s enterprise might be in the system. After some searching, they located an enemy ship, hiding in an asteroid field.

They engaged the ship, and the clever mine-based trap that it was supposed to trigger got cancelled on account of their disruptor macrocannons completely frying every single command and communications system on the ship. From this point, the space battle was a bit one-sided, and ended with eventual complete power failure on the enemy ship.

And then the session ended.

Future space encounters should account for the immensely annoying weapon that is the disruptor macrocannon. Plastic ships, perhaps.

First Session

First session has occurred. Started out with character finalisation and ship-building (A lovely Raider that doesn’t quite know if it’s an invasion craft or a pleasure yacht). Session was quite rocky, as a result of system unfamiliarity and lack of detailed preparation on my part. The explorers started in medias res on the way to reaffirm dynasty contacts. Formal gala and lengthy detailing of noble family rivalries followed, and explorers were contracted to set up a food supply to the system. The explorers made inquiries, borrowed a few thousand PDF troopers from a hive world dealing with food-shortage induced riots, set up an only slightly heretical cult and then left for a prospective agri-world.
A slightly unnerving warp trip later, the explorers arrived in the prospective delivery system, met with the governor and local populace of the agri-world. These turned out to present some conflicting stories on the state of the system and its exports. They then slagged a the governor’s military forces with their ship (warned them first, gentlemen that they are), assaulted his estate and took him prisoner.

All in all, things went well. Apart from a rather indisposed planetary governor, nobody has been given overly much reason to plot the deaths of the explorers, and they’ve been made some headway towards their first profits.

Future hostile encounters should endeavour towards a setting able to neutralise a voidship and up to a few thousand armed troops.

Planning Initiated

Planning has been initiated, and is slowly creeping along. Campaign has been pitched to players and interest abounds.

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