Rule Changes

Contains some changes and additions to rules.

Fire Modes.

All firing modes, Single Shot/Semi Auto/Full Auto use a half action. The attack bonuses are SS: +10, SA: +0, FA: -10.


Tearing does not add an extra die per die, but an extra die per attack. This is rolled simultaneously with the rest of the attack, and a chosen die is discarded.

This will make Bolters and other Tearing weapons with many damage dice slightly less likely to turn anything and everything into soup with a single attack.

Righteous Fury

Two options:

  1. The proccing die is rolled again directly, keep going until no longer 10, sum values.
  2. Instead of getting more damage, proccing RF results in rolling a d5 on the relevant critical table and applying the effect to the target.

This makes RF slightly more manageable, and reduces the chance of sudden and random ends to encounters. Currently using option 2, confer with rest of players to reach final consensus

Social Interaction Challenges:

Wanted to formalise the effects of different degrees of failure/success.
Here follows the general case for a social interaction aimed at players striking a deal/wanting something from an NPC:

  • Extra Degrees of Success: Players get what they want. NPC offers a bit of extra help/info.
  • Success: Results as usual; Players get what they want for expected cost.
  • Failure: NPC adds a “but” to the agreement that players must also fulfill.
  • 1-deg Failure: NPC adds a “but first” "
  • 2-deg Failure: NPC adds a “but”, and thereafter considers PCs to be in his debt, adding one degree of difficulty to next interaction.
  • 3-deg Failure: NPC adds a “but first”, and consider PCs indebted to him.
  • 4-deg Failure and Less: Talks break down. NPC will not agree to plan.

Rule Changes

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